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Quotes i wrote this essay for the benefit of every student cause i really believe in the importance of education . i just want to say enjoy ir studies ,, love what you are studiny in order to succeed . By the way , its the first time for me to publish an essay !! I hope u guys like it .Thank you :) Quotes

"Many students are more pysically present in the classroom but largely mentally absent ;they fail to invest themselves fully in the experience of learning" as a study showed. This pervious quote is so true . Students nowadays lack the motivation or the passion for learning . The first question which pops into our minds right now is what is Motivation? Motivation is the drive or force which pushes people to accomplish things willingly ,to be intrinsically more than extrinsically motivated. In the present,students are reluctant to invest their effort and time in the experience of learning ,so eventually they fail.In my viewpoint,two of the main reasons that could be done to motivate students are challenge and reward .

First of all,one of the main means that could be done to help students be motivated is challenge .In other words,the feeling that they need to work hard in order to proof themselves.For instance,competitions and quizzes are very useful means as students will always feel like they are in a race between their classmates.The care for their image and the desire for being the top of their class will always provide them with the power they need to make them eager to work hard and effectively to achieve their aim.Challenging the students is very important is very important to break the boredom or at least to assist in removing the concept that learning is assciated with drudgery.In this way,students will feel open again and will try to explore the fun that they can derive via the process of learning .

Another important mean that could be done in order to help the students feel motivated is rewarding them .After challenging them to work and to devote their time and effort to learn,teachers should offer rewards or prizes in a way which at least means "Thank you ".for example,after doing a competition the winning team should be offered a prize or even sweets,anything that could deliver them the feeling that they are appreciated for the effort they have made.Otherwise,a rapid decline in their motivation level will occur.Students will feel demotivated,they will be like 'why should we spend time and effort n this lesson?!?!"Teachers should always keep in mind that students are not that mature to realize that all of this is for their own benefit.So,rewarding the students is a very useful mean to motivate them.

To finish up,motivation among the students is a crucial thing to help the students succeed througout thier educational journey.Many factors could be could contribute positively to this target.Two of them are challenge and reward.Motivated students will be able to accomplish their tasks with desire and passion .Eventually,these motivated students could represent successful figures in their future .