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I highly recommend Sharon Turnoy to do work that is fast, that is accurate, and that goes beyond your expectations .I hired Sharon to help me with something I thought would be only a little proofreading assignment. I was working on a research project about Classical Music of the 20th Century and hired her to proofread it. At the last minute, I realized I wasn't going to be able to meet my very tight deadline on the research itself, so I didn't have everything done yet for her to proofread. I asked her if she could possibly help me with some of the research because I was in a bind. Even though she had something else planned during that time, she canceled her plans and said yes. Her help was invaluable. First, she figured out a faster way to do the research than I had come up with so that I could meet my short deadline. Then, not only did she supply that new research, but she also went beyond just proofreading the research I had done (spelling, grammar, etc.) and checked it for accuracy, too. It's a good thing she did. She found and corrected numerous errors. With the errors she corrected and the new research she supplied, she easily raised my grade on this project from a "D" or an "F" to an "A." And all of this was done well within my deadline. In fact, she put in extra time over and above what she had originally committed to, foregoing her own plans, so I would have an excellent project to submit. I recommend her without reservation and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.