What's the average new sat essay score? - updated

Firstly, let me start by saying that the essay score is not added to the verbal section and is optional. Here are some other details:

  • The essay is now 50 minutes long instead of 25 minutes.
  • It gives a passage written by an author who is taking a stance on an issue. The student's job is to analyze how the author builds the argument.
  • The essay is scored on a scale of 2-8 on each of Reading, Analysis, and Writing.

Based on the documents presented by the college board, my presumption is that 4s in each of the above categories would be the national average. This is an assumption based on the fact that the following image from a college board document shows the mean score for the overall SAT score.

In order to get a 4, you are actually scoring a 2 from two separate scorers. The standard for receiving a 2 (combined 4) for your writing is as follows:

For the average score on the main test, according to the statistics released from the May exam, the average score is 1020 (510 in each section). We shall see what comes out in later months, but that is the average according to the College Board.